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Frequently asked questions


Where can I find the menu?

Please click the menu button above.

How can I order?

All pre-ordered meals are done at

What are my login details, and where can I find them?

Please refer to your welcome email for login details. It contains your username, Family ID (4-6 digit number, you will need it for account’s top up) and temporary password.

In case you cannot find this email, the username is the email address you provided to the school (if you provided 2 email addresses, your login details will be the primary email address).

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please use the “Forgot password” option, an auto-email will be sent to the primary email address.

Ordering and Accounts

Why do I have to pre-order my meals rather than purchase at the canteen?

As per school policy, all meals up to Year 4 (inclusive) are available by pre-order only.

Pre-ordering allows students to get their meals faster without having to wait and queue to buy lunch and allows parents to choose their meals for their children.

How does a la carte system work? How does my child pay for his meal?

From Year 5 upwards, all students may purchase their meals. drinks and snacks a la carte at the canteen during their morning tea and lunch break.

Please note that the school has a strict no-cash policy. Your child will require a wristband to make a purchase. The wristband is linked to your family account and you will be able to review all transactions via your Campus Online account. There is a $10.70 fee to issue a wristband to be deducted from your family account. To order it, kindly send us an email at

What is the ordering deadline?

You can place an online order till 12 midnight the day before. It really helps us if you place orders early, so we'd appreciate if you ordered sooner than that.

My child is sick, can I cancel their pre-order?

Not a problem at all. pre-ordered meals can be cancelled any time until 7:30am on the day of delivery via your Campus Online account. Upon login proceed to “Cancel Order” or “Order receipt” (for phone view), select your order and click on bin icon. You will receive a full refund automatically.

What are the payment methods for ordering online?

You will be able to pre-order only if you have available balance in your Campus Online account. There are three ways to top-up your Campus Online account:

  1. Cash via the cash kiosk on campus (please note you will need your Family ID for it or a wristband)
  2. Online via Campus Online which will incur a convenience fee
  3. Bank transfer with local account to JAXS PTE LTD / Victus Catering DCIS (DBS - 0149045494) please email a screenshot of remittance to for verification.
Please ensure remitting account name, account number and amount transferred is visible. Do not forget to reference DCIS, your family ID and your child’s name. as this is a manual to-up to your Campus Online account within 24 hours.

My child is in nursery and is too little to pick up their pre-ordered meal, do you assist this age group?

Nursery, reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students are served at the Lower primary canteen. Teacher Assistants and our friendly staff ensure meals are served to your child. All meals are packed in bento boxes, labeled with students’ names and delivered to their tables.

Can I mix and match my orders? Can we join the canteen in the middle of a term or you accept pre-orders for whole term only?

You are welcome to order what you need, whether it's a meal plan with beverages for the whole month or only a meal for a day. You can enjoy the canteen service any time it suits you. Most of our canteen customers eat lunch with us daily, but some students come 2 to 3 times a week. It is fully up to you and we do not have a minimum order requirement.

If I place a pre-order will my child be able to purchase a drink using our family account?

This option is not available for primary students in Year 4 and below. We can serve them only what has been pre-ordered by the parents, including beverages from our pre-order selection. In addition to the Campus Online wristband, we have introduced EZ-Link payment system for Secondary students (Year 7 and above). This is the easiest & most convenient way for your child to enjoy the cafeteria services. EZ-Link cards can be mapped to a smart phone for automatic top-ups and to track spending.

What are other benefits of having a wristband?

It gives you, as a parent, complete transparency what you child has been eating. You may also set daily and weekly spending limits, add banned items, and if your child has an allergy we will receive this information from the school’s nurse and get a notification every time we serve your child. If your child follows certain dietary restrictions do not hesitate to send us an email and we will add this information as well.

Can my child also purchase their snacks and meals at the café? What is your offering there?

Secondary students (Year 7+) have access to both our canteen and tuck shop.
Modes of payment is EZ-Link or Campus Online only.
There will be a daily selection of salads, sandwiches, soup of a day, baked goods, fresh fruits, healthy snack and more. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit and check out our food selection yourself.
For school staff and parents we offer a wide selection of coffee-based drinks. Parents may pay with cash, NETS or credit cards and even with your family account. Surcharge applies on credit card transactions.

Our family is leaving DCIS, can we get our balance back?

We are sad to see you leave, there are several ways to refund your balance, please contact us at least 1 week in advance to make necessary arrangements. The best way would to spend your balance before you leave the school.

  • Bank transfer. A $15.00+GST processing fee will be deducted from the account balance prior to any refund. Refund will be done by bank transfer only to a Singaporean Bank of your choice.
  • Parents café credit. Order cupcakes (and/or cookies) for your farewell party or invite your class to the tuck shop, we will reserve and set up tables for you. You are more than welcome to order takeaways from the canteen or tuck shop. We will need at least 1 week notice for cupcake orders.
  • We can also issue you vouchers for 100% of your balance to use at our outlet. The Masons Table (located in the city center at 23A Coleman Street)
PLEASE NOTE: We won’t be able to process your refund after you left the school as your account will be deactivated on your last day at school.

Food and menu

What meals do you offer?

We offer a daily International, Vegetarian option for a la carte and pre-order, and a daily 'Victus Favourites' rotating option for pre-order only. We also have an allergen-free meal with no dairy, egg or gluten which is only available for pre-ordering, by special request only. There are also a la carte options at the café with a selection of salads, snacks, fruit cups and so much more.

What do these letters (D), (E) and (G) in the menu stand for?

The codes mean the item contains:

  • Dairy (D)
  • Eggs (E)
  • Gluten (G)

Do you offer drinks, snacks and desserts at the canteen?

We have a daily selection of healthy snacks and sweets: our items have higher fiber, reduced sugars and fats. Our drink selection includes bottled water, milk, Milo, coconut water, 100+, apple and orange juice, Perrier sparkling water, homemade ice lemon tea.

Are your meals Halal certified?

Our kitchen is not halal certified. But all proteins are sourced from halal certified suppliers, our menu does not contain any pork or lard in the preparation of meals.


What are you doing to safeguard against COVID-19?

Victus Catering is implementing all recommended hygiene and safety measures to protect the DCIS community against COVID-19. These include: Sanitising and fully cleaning all equipment Practicing good personal hygiene, and wearing recommended personal protective equipment such as face masks. Implementing social distancing wherever possible in our canteens, in our service areas, when working, and when receiving supplies. All staff members have been fully vaccinated Implementing as per goverment regulation a bi-monthly rapid covid test For more information about our safety measures, please get in touch with us at