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NLCS (Singapore)!

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Place online snack and lunch pre-orders (K-G5)

Top up and manage each child's lunch card (G6-12)

Pre-order menu (PKG-G5)

Please note that our kitchen team may have to make minor changes due to the availability of ingredients. In this unlikely situation, any changes will be like-for-like and will not affect the flavour or allergen profile of the dish (e.g. swapping broccoli for bok choy).

Need help?

Whether you're looking for an answer to a dietary question, or want to find an instruction guide to help you order on our system - you'll find answers to nearly everything to do with catering on our new self-service help hub.

The NLCS section of the hub is being updated constantly with new FAQs and content, and guides on how to use our new system!

Get in touch

We kindly encourage you to read our guide above, as you may find your question is answered without needing a response from our team. If you do need to get in touch, we're at your service throughout the week, and will be glad to assist you with your queries within the working day, or on Monday if your message arrived over the weekend. During holidays, we aim to respond within 2 working days.

Simply email us at nlcs(at), please include your full question, your child's details (e.g their full name as registered with the school - not a nickname which can be hard to track down - and their class or year), and any relevant personal details to help us with your question or request (e.g order number).

Junior School (K-G5)

Per school policy, NLCS Junior School students must have all food and drink items pre-ordered.


Orders are prepared and packed by our staff into suitable containers freshly every day, and are either served in the classroom, or in a dedicated recess area by NLCS staff.

Our team cooks up snacks and hot lunches in the NLCS kitchen every day, offering an extensive menu of international cuisine. Our items are thoughtfully planned with your child's nutrition and taste in mind, and dedicated Plant-based Allergen-free (Meat/Dairy/Egg/Gluten-free) menus guarantee that every child can find something they like to eat!

For students in PKG, KG1, KG2, G1 and G2, there is an additional Young Eaters menu, with a slightly smaller portion, and much lighter flavours.

Senior School (G6-12)

NLCS Senior School students may buy their own snacks, lunches and drinks at school.


To purchase items, each student must register their own EZLink/NETS FlashPay card on our portal for use as a lunch card, and then top up their account e-wallet, not the card itself.

On our system, every card functions as a personal RFID card, NOT as an EZLink. As such, you will maintain two balances - for example:

  • Standard EZLink Balance - $5 for buses/MRT, topped up the normal way

  • Victus E-wallet Balance - $50 for lunch at the NLCS canteen, topped up via the Styl Portal.


These balances are topped up and spent separately - there is no crossover between the two.

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