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Catering at North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

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Snacks, lunches and drinks, and a lovely parent's cafe

At NLCS (Singapore), we serve the community every day in our canteen and café, with a range of delicious food and drink options throughout the school day.

All students and staff are able to enjoy our rotating international menu of lunches, snacks and drinks. Cooked with love by our team every morning, our fresh, healthy and delicious food is free from nuts, pork and shellfish. Please note that while products are pork and lard-free, our kitchen is not fully Halal-certified.

The Victus Portal

Manage each child's catering needs

Place online snack, lunch and drink pre-orders (PKG-G5)

Top up and manage each child's lunch card (G6-12)

Browse the menu

Order and pay

Get help quickly

Check on an order

Please click/tap on the purple chat icon to speak to us!

Junior School

Per the NLCS school policy, all Junior students must have food and drink items pre-ordered in advance.

Meals are prepared by our staff freshly every day. All ordered items are served to the dedicated recess area by NLCS staff.

To order, simply register and log in to our portal, create a profile for your child, and start ordering - you can place or amend your order up to 11:59pm the night before the meal is to be served (e.g. Sunday for Monday).

Senior School

NLCS Senior School students must buy their own snacks, lunches and drinks at school.

Each student must have their own EZLink/NETS FlashPay card. This must be enrolled on our portal for use as a lunch card. The card will maintain two balances - for example:

  • Standard EZLink Balance - $5 for buses/MRT, topped up via the EZLink app, MRT ticket machine, etc.

  • Victus E-wallet Balance - $50 for lunch at the NLCS canteen, topped up and managed via our Portal.

These balances are topped up and spent separately - there is no crossover between the two.

Let us help you!

Whether you're looking for an answer to a dietary question, or want to find an instruction guide to help you order on our system - you'll find answers to nearly everything to do with catering on our new self-service help hub.

The NLCS section of the hub is being updated constantly with new FAQs and content, and guides on how to use our new system!

If you do need to get in touch, we're at your service throughout the week, and will be glad to assist you with your queries within the working day, or on Monday if your message arrived over the weekend. During holidays, we aim to respond within 2 working days.

Simply click the purple chat button on the bottom right of your screen to speak to a member of our team. Please include your full question, your child's details (e.g their full name as registered with the school - not a nickname which can be hard to track down - and their class or year), and any relevant personal details to help us with your question or request (e.g order number).

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