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Looking for a better caterer?

We cook fresh meals and snacks, and deliver them to communities islandwide every day.

Victus Catering is the trusted catering partner of international schools in Singapore, looking to make a difference with their food offering. Our tailor-made food solutions offer educators, students and families a healthy, nutritious and appealing service, helping to fulfil their academic and personal development needs and preparing them for their bright futures.

We are small and proactive; not big and reactive. We tailor our solutions specifically to the needs of your school community. By working closely with your educators and management, and embracing the need to evolve and adapt, we implement the strategic values of your school while consistently exceeding your stakeholders’ expectations.

Defining a paradigm shift in the market, our unrivalled flexibility, responsiveness, and commitment, combined with an unerring appetite for growth and our ever-growing reputation for excellence, has led us to positively disrupt Singapore’s school catering industry, displacing both major global foodservice providers.

We tailor our solutions for our partners and their stakeholders needs - get in touch today so we can get our relationship started!


What sets us apart?

Great food

Uncompromising on quality and nutrition, our food is homemade with love by our dedicated on-site teams. Our menus focus on key elements of what children enjoy, while giving them enough variety to explore an international palate of different cuisines. The use of high fibre, less processed carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats for brain development is factored into the creation and cooking of each and every meal!

Victus Catering food

Passionate team

Being privately held, our commitment to excellence in our businesses is second to none. As an organisation, we are flexible and responsive, and value our mutually beneficial partnerships greatly.

Within our team is years of invaluable experience and knowledge, from feeding children and teaching them how to cook!

Unrivalled support

We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our customers, by providing fast, friendly and efficient service.


Our teams are dedicated to customer success, and we service every account with the same high standards.


Let's discuss

We are presently able to cater snacks, fruit, pre-packed hot meals, pre-packed cold lunches, and family-style shared lunch trays.

Please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch for an initial discussion.

Thanks for getting in touch! We will attempt to contact you as soon as possible.

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