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Hello from the kitchen!

Hello everyone!

We’re already well on our way to the end of the academic year - how time flies! As we prepare to launch our new Term 3 menus, we thought that we’d take a moment to share a few insights into our year in catering so far.

Since the start of the academic year, our team has been whipping up a deliciously healthy assortment of great dishes for your children every day; whether that’s baking cupcakes in-house, cutting fruits for one of our famous fruit salads, or cooking up a delightful array of lunch options from the cuisines around the world.

Led capably by our talented Head Chefs, our kitchens have served over 100,000 tasty meals over the past 6 months, and have served up a wide assortment of dishes including local delights like vegetable noodles and tempeh curry, to global favourites like homemade marinara sauce, to fun meals every Friday!

DID YOU KNOW: Our top seller this year has been our steamed chicken rice, with tomato & cucumber?

In term 3, we’ll be changing up the menu with some new flavours, whilst keeping loads of dishes that your kids just love. Look out for the new menu in March - you can find a copy on your parent account, or as always, on the Victus Catering Ordering System at

We are always trying to improve and are always glad to assist, so do get in touch with our friendly team directly via your usual email contact.

See you soon!

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