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Planning a school canteen menu

Healthy and delicious school meal by Victus Catering in Singapore

At Victus Catering, we’ve been shaking up Singapore’s school catering scene since we served our first meal back in 2018. Our hard-working and friendly teams are dedicated to serving a wide selection of great, home-cooked food, at a fair price, while being conscious of our impact on the environment.

However, while over 2500 happy eaters enjoy our fresh and delicious meals, snacks, drinks and baked goods every school day, behind the scenes, our teams are constantly hard at work planning the items and dishes that feature on our menus.

This process of constant improvement takes place numerous times a year, and means that we’re always keeping up to date with your feedback and preferences!

So, how do we plan a deliciously healthy yet varied menu for our school canteens? Read on to find out more!

Thought for food

Fresh, healthy and delicious - far from just our motto and mantra, these are the criteria that define the food that we strive to serve in our canteens!

We have years of experience cooking for and with young people, and we use this to our advantage, planning delicious meals based on children’s tastes. We always take into account recommended portion sizes and national nutritional guidelines, as well as trends in international cuisine, and the most up-to-date culinary practices.

From these menus, we use good quality fresh ingredients to create dishes which children simply love. This means honing in on classic combinations of flavours and executing them really well, such as our great pasta dishes, favourites from across Asian cuisines, premium homemade baked goods and more.

Variety is the spice of life however; we are always looking to find new dishes and flavours to share with you in our menus, widening culinary horizons and allowing children and adults alike to try something delicious and new every day.

Tailored to your community

We’re often asked why we plan different menus for each school community we serve - it’s simple really! When we plan out our offering, we use our strong understanding of each school’s needs, demographics and pricing requirements, to deliver a solution that meets each unique community’s expectations.

By truly considering these needs and preferences, we ensure that our service is perfectly matched; therefore ensuring high satisfaction, and reducing waste.

Catering to all

At Victus, one of our core values is respect; one way in which we can show this is by being inclusive to the widest possible range of dietary needs.

In a multicultural melting pot like Singapore, and especially in the vibrant school communities in which we operate, it is vitally important for us to consider and cater to as many dietary needs as we can.

Conscious of our impact

Finally, as a responsible company, we pay special attention to our environmental impact.

By considering the ingredients and processes used to prepare the dishes on our menus, we avoid consuming environmentally damaging products such as unsustainably produced palm oil, and eliminate the creation of unnecessary non-recyclable waste such as plastic packaging.

That’s the end of our quick look into our menu planning process - was it what you expected? Though this is an essential part of our service, it’s a process we take very seriously, and we think the results speak for themselves!

See you soon for our next behind the scenes blog post!


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