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NEW: Ordering system!

Our new ordering system - after some early glitches - is now ready to take your orders for the rest of the academic year!

If you have previously ordered from us using the old Excel format, you should automatically have access to the new system - click the button below and use your Winstedt student ID number as the username and password. You can change your password once you are logged in.

Due to the school's data management policy, if you have not ordered from us before and would like access to the system, you must register your consent with us on our Google Form, and we will create an account for you..

We endeavour to create your account by the end of the next working day (e.g. if you submit your request at 7pm on Friday, we will create your account first thing on Monday).

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Click the order now button to head to the ordering system.


Frequently asked questions

Ordering and Accounts

Why do I have to pre-order my meals?

The Winstedt School does not have facilities for on-site catering, so we cook everything freshly for students every day at one of our fully equipped school kitchens, and deliver it safely to The Winstedt School in time for break and lunch.

What is the ordering deadline?

You can place an online order till 8pm the day before, however we recommend ordering well in advance to avoid any missed lunches.

My child is sick, can I cancel their pre-order?

Not a problem at all. All pre-ordered meals must be cancelled or re-allocated via the online system by 7:00am on the day of delivery via the online ordering portal.

What are the payment methods for ordering online?

Our meal ordering system accepts payments by PayPal and PayNow. When purchasing your meal through the PayNow QR code, your payment will be redirected through our payment processor, Omise. Please do not close the tab until the payment is processed.

You do not need to join PayPal, you may select guest and use your credit card details.

Can I mix and match my orders? Can we join the canteen in the middle of a term or you accept pre-orders for whole term only?

Our online system allows you to pick snacks, meals and drinks freely, per child. However, we recommend ordering for the full month, or even till the end of the menu calendar, to avoid accidentally forgetting a future order.

If I place a pre-order will my child be able to purchase anything extra themselves?

Unfortunately, no on-site sales are available at The Winstedt School.

What are my username and password?

The Username and Password is your child's student ID number. During the first login, you will be requested to change the password, or can do so from within the system at a later date. If you have more than one child, each of your children will need to have their own account. Please see the next response for more information.

Why do I need multiple logins? Can I log in as a family?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each separate account is linked to a child's individual student ID. This is to manage allergen situations appropriately and reduce the risk of error in data filing.

Food and menu

What meals do you offer?

Our offering is not the same between schools, due to the differing needs of each group of stakeholders. Please review the latest copy of your school's menu on the ordering system.

What do these letters (D), (E) and (G) on the menu stand for?

The codes mean the item contains:

  • Dairy (D)
  • Eggs (E)
  • Gluten (G)

Do you offer drinks, snacks and desserts at the canteen?

We have a daily selection of healthy snacks and sweets: our items have higher fiber, reduced sugars and fats. Our drink selection includes bottled water, milk, Milo, coconut water, 100+, apple and orange juice, Perrier sparkling water, homemade ice lemon tea.

Are your meals Halal certified?

Our kitchen is not halal certified. But all proteins are sourced from halal certified suppliers, our menu does not contain any pork or lard in the preparation of meals.

Why does your menu contain/not contain ___?

No two individuals will share identical tastes. Our menus are designed to offer a wide variety of choices, and to please the tricky tastebuds of younger eaters. We encourage students to make smart eating choices and therefore offer a full range of options wherever possible.


What are you doing to safeguard against COVID-19?

Victus Catering is implementing all recommended hygiene and safety measures to protect its surrounding communities against COVID-19. These include:

  • Sanitising and fully cleaning all equipment
  • Practicing good personal hygiene, and wearing recommended personal protective equipment such as face masks.
  • Implementing social distancing wherever possible in our canteens, in our service areas, when working, and when receiving supplies.


Please get in touch with us if you have any queries - we endeavour to respond within 48 working hours during term time.