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To order meals, please head to the Victus Catering ordering system.


Please visit the EZ-Link website for help related to your EZ-Link card.

Victus Catering is unfortunately unable to assist with EZ-Link queries.


Your school's specific menu will be available from your school's parent portal and on our online ordering system.

Ordering FAQs


Where can I find the menu?

You can find the latest menu on your school's parent portal, or by logging into your account on the Victus Catering order system at

What do these letters (D), (E) and (G) in the menu stand for?

The codes mean the item contains:

  • Dairy (D)
  • Eggs (E)
  • Gluten (G)

Are your meals Halal certified?

Our kitchen is not halal certified. But all proteins are sourced from halal certified suppliers, our menu does not contain any pork or lard in the preparation of meals.

Why does your menu (not) feature (X) item?

We work closely with our school partners to design menus which appeal to the community's tastes, while meeting recommended nutritional guidelines. No two individuals will share identical tastes. Our menus are designed to offer a wide variety of choices, and to please the tricky tastebuds of younger eaters. We encourage students to make smart eating choices and therefore offer a full range of options wherever possible.


What are the payment methods for ordering online?

The Victus Catering ordering system accepts major credit cards through PayPal and PayNow (for Singapore bank accounts). Credit card transactions are subject to prevailing bank and processing rates, which we are unfortunately unable to circumvent. Due to administrative constraints, we are no longer able to accept payments by other methods.

Can I pay in installments?

No, in the interest of fairness and to avoid any issues, we are unfortunately unable to extend credit or I-O-Us to any customers. If you wish to split up your payment, you may instead choose to order for just the immediate future, and place your order on a rolling basis, every week for example. However, please don't forget to order ahead, to avoid any missed meals.

Why can't I pay with (X) method?

We are always investigating new payment solutions and listening to customer feedback. We have selected our payment options based on the most popular methods over our 4 years of experience, but welcome your valuable feedback via our feedback form.

Why are you charging a transaction fee?

Some credit card transactions are subject to prevailing bank and processing rates, which we are unfortunately unable to circumvent. These are common in e-commerce; our system displays them up front for your information, while other systems may calculate them in the item price before the item price is displayed. We appreciate your understanding when these common small fees (usually calculated as a small percentage of your total payment) are applied by our payment processor.


How can I order?

You must register for a Victus Catering ordering account using the sign-up form. We endeavour to confirm all registrations within one working day, but appreciate your kind understanding where processing times are extended.

What is the ordering deadline?

You can place an online order till 12 midnight the day before.

It really helps us if you place orders early, so we'd appreciate if you ordered as soon as possible.

Can I mix and match my orders? Can we join the canteen in the middle of a term or you accept pre-orders for whole term only?

You are welcome to order what you need, whether it's a meal plan with beverages for the whole month or only a meal for a day. You can enjoy the canteen service any time it suits you. Most of our canteen customers eat lunch with us daily, but some students come 2 to 3 times a week. It is fully up to you and we do not have a minimum order requirement.

If I place a pre-order will my child be able to purchase a drink using our family account?

Please refer to your school's specific FAQ page, as this differs depending on our school partner's operational and pastoral preferences.

Why is the ordering system not loading?

Please click the button or link on this website, or head directly to Please note that due to our platform configuration, secure connections (https://) will not resolve and will result in an error.

Why should I pre-order for my children?

Our school partners set their own specific pre-ordering policies such as the year/grade at which students can buy their own food from the canteen. We recommend pre-ordering for most students, as it allows students to get their meals faster without having to queue to buy lunch, and allows parents to choose their meals for their children and make an easy online payment.

Cancellation and Refunds

My child is sick/not going to be at school, can I cancel a pre-ordered meal?

Not a problem at all. pre-ordered meals can be cancelled any time until 7:30am on the day of service/delivery via your Victus Catering account. You will receive the value of all meals cancelled as credit towards your next order. This credit is valid for the remainder of the academic year. Please note that we are unable to refund meals which are not cancelled before the 7:30am deadline, or provide any cash or alternative compensation for cancelled meals.

I am leaving the school, can I have my credit refunded?

Yes, if your child/family is leaving the school, we will refund any remaining credit in your account. We will process your refund within 14 working days of the end of the school term. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to process your refund until after the end of term, as your account will be deactivated on the last day at school. Please contact us at with your child's details (name, school, student or account number), your name and bank details, and confirmation of withdrawal from the school. We can offer the following options:

  • Refund via bank transfer: Due to our bank's restrictions, we can only refund by bank transfer to a Singaporean bank account of your choice. Refunds are subject to a $15.00+GST processing fee.
  • Use as credit: Order our homemade cupcakes (and/or cookies) for your farewell party, to share with friends and staff. We will need at least 1 week notice for cupcake orders.
  • Exchange for restaurant vouchers: We can also issue you vouchers for 100% of your balance to use at our Victus Group sister outlet, The Masons Table (located in the city center at 23A Coleman Street).


What is my username and/or password?

You will receive your details in your email following your registration. By default, both of these are typically your child's Student ID number. We recommend changing your password after your first log in for security.

Why do I need multiple accounts? Can't I just log in as one family?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. Each separate account is linked to a child's individual student ID and details. This allows our operational teams to manage allergen or other dietary needs appropriately. Additionally, having independent logins for each child as opposed to one account with multiple profiles reduces the risk of error in data filing or mistaken ordering (e.g. ordering for the wrong child).